Regular Season Games In May Can Be Pretty Awesome

May 3, 2012 by

A few visuals to help explain the madness that took place at Turner Field on Wednesday night:

The shift in win probability over the course of this extra-inning game is amazing. The Braves had a slim 2.3% of winning after Freddy Galvis doubled home Carlos Ruiz in the top of the 5th inning. And Philadelphia had a 12.9% chance of winning after Freddie Freeman’s sacrifice fly in the 8th inning. So essentially, you’d be pretty hard-pressed to find another seesaw battle that reached such wide proportions for the rest of the season.

And something a little less graphy, and certainly pleasing to the eyes if you’re an Atlanta fan (not so much if you’re a Phillies fan):

Photo courtesy: StephenGA

My friend Jerry in Bogota summed it up pretty nicely:

“ lets me watch a replay. Greatest experience of my life. I skimmed to all the highlights but got to watch the whole inning. Chipper‘s at bat … my god. He was swinging for the fences on EVERY. FUCKING. PITCH. He was like, god dammit, I’m not running the fucking bases, my knees can’t handle this. Either I’m homering or I’m striking the fuck out. THEN THAT NOISY FOUL BALL. And then next pitch…. GONE!!!! Greatest game ever.”

Can you think of a better Chipper moment?


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