The Greatness Of Chipper Jones

Mar 22, 2012 by

Chipper Jones announced that his 2012 season would be his last. Like most Atlanta fans, he’s been my favorite Brave for a long time. And not just because he’s one of the greatest players of our generation. It’s mostly because he’s got such a damn refreshing personality.

Here are some links that help explain some of the awesomeness that is Larry Wayne Jones, Jr:.

I actually got a  chance to speak with Jones briefly before a game late in the 2006 season when I was a senior at Emory. I wrote for the school newspaper and somehow got a press pass to attend a game. I spoke with a lot of players and can remember verbatim the conversations I had with the likes of Chuck James.

But I don’t remember a word Jones said…only because I was in such awe. It’s been real Chipper.


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  1. First MLB player whom I remember as a rookie. Gonna be tough to not see him in a Brave uniform next spring.

  2. Chuck

    Guess the writers picked wrong with Hideo Nomo.

    • Remember when Turner Field had the “Heyward’s Better” chant whenever Posey came to bat in the playoffs? They should have done that at Fulton in 97 when Nomo was facing Chipper. Travesty.

  3. Stupac

    Don’t fret, guys. You’ll catch him at the local Hooters watchin’ a ballgame with the other fellers. Just bring ’nuff Grizzley for all’ya.

    But in all seriousness, Larry is a surefire HOF, and a true throw-back player. I think extra credit needs to be given to a player that spends his entire HOF worthy career with one team. Not only does it show a tremendous amount of loyalty on the team’s part (especially during the free agent era), but it also demonstrates an uncommon bond between player and city, which Chipper undoubtedly has. He’ll go down as the second greatest Bravo to ever play and will be a tough pair of cleats to fill in Fulton County.

    • No doubt about him in the HOF as he’s arguably one of the top 5 3Bs to ever play the game.

      I don’t necessarily think that he’s the second greatest player to ever put on a Braves uniform, which is an honor I’d probably give to Maddux. But in terms on longevity, commitment, and what he’s done for the city, hands down 2nd greatest Brave and will be impossible to replace.

      • Maddux played 11 seasons in Atlanta, and during those years, he was worth more than Chipper. And he’s also probably one of the top 10 pitchers to ever play. No doubt his career was superior to Jones, but just form an Atlanta standpoint, Chipper’s put up more value for the Braves.


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